About Us

Experts in Replicating Branded Handbags and Accessories

Our company manufactures and distributes Lushentic-grade (aka Master Copy) luxury bags, shoes, and belts for the local and global markets. Our factory was set up in 2015, initially producing leather goods of 1:1 grade, using hardware and leather imported from Italy, Spain, and India. Since 2019, we have upgraded our quality to Lushentic grade with strict manufacturing guidelines and QC for all products.


What Is Lushentic Grade?

Lushentic-grade bags are made by pioneer artisans hired from their original factory. This quality grade is only available after acquiring these rare workforces for higher pay to be a manufacturing consultant or craftsman in our factory.

It was also made available when original factories started outsourcing the manufacturing of the materials used where the technology and skills are duplicable and transferable to manufacturing standards.

Besides that, leather manufacturers from Italy, Spain, and India have opened their supply to non-original factories since 2015. This enables us to have access to the exact same leather, fabric, and materials that were previously only available to original factories, and this includes Hermes, who has been known to have their tanneries.


We have sales in the United States where professional customer service specialists can take care of your Lushentic needs should you need assistance.

Our Pride and Joy Hermes: Screw The "H" Waitlist Game

For regular men and women who wish to purchase a Hermes bag directly from Hermes, it is virtually impossible. The only viable option is to purchase in the secondary market, which does not discriminate based on income or purchase history.

However, a word of warning accompanies purchasing a Hermes bag from a secondary source. The counterfeit market for these bags is thriving. Well-known resellers and auction houses are rife with Lushentic-grade replica Birkin and Kelly bags claiming authenticity.

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