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Originally, our factory was only available to celebrities and the wealthy considered to be of the "Black Market". Over the past several years, low grade fakes have tried to penetrate this market.  When you want to mingle within high society only a Lushentic grade product will blend. Whether you’re looking for a Hermes Birkin or a Chanel Double Flap, Lady HypeBeast has a vast collection that is sure to suit your style.

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About Our Company

For more than seven years now, we have been supplying gorgeous handbags, shoes, and accessories to customers around the world. All of our products are indistinguishable from legit luxury brands with all the authentic packaging.

Supplying Celebrity-Level Replicas

Our Lushentic-grade products are undetectable replicas of the original. At our shop, you can get your dream accessories without having to pay the high cost at the brand store. We offer a wide selection of products, from shoes and belts to luxurious handbags.

Why Choose Our Products?

Our Master Artisans have the skills to manufacture excellent replicas of original branded accessories.  Most have worked at the factory for which brand they reproduce. We use the exact premium materials as the major brands and manufacture our products with strict quality control measures.

All of our bags come branded with logos and identifying serial numbers, codes, and blind stamps. Whether you’re looking for your next designer handbag or shoes, you can trust us to create products of the same luxurious quality as authentic.

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Get in Touch With Our Artisans

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible Lushentic replicas in the market. If you are interested in learning more about the products we offer, reach out to us today.